The prongs of our past extend as far as the Royal Court of Spain. Our ancestors crafted One-of-a-kind creations that anointed the most revered crowned heads across Europe and eventually to Russia, where our jewels adorned members of the Imperial Court.

Our skills, passed down through generations, have been commissioned by the world’s most prestigious jewelers to create couture pieces under their labels and by elite private clientele. And now, building on our heritage, it is time for us to open our House to the world: Casa Réale.


Mastering the art of the finest craftsmanship, our heirloom-quality metals, minerals and mediums mix in unthinkable and irresistible combinations. Intricate compositions and magnificent proportions—designed only for the most discerning— bear the unmistakable hallmarks of a Casa Réale creation.


She who wears Casa Réale is as confident and captivating as the jewels themselves. Bold, individual, possessing an impeccable and indelible sense of style, she is a magnet in every setting. With a love of the unique, she expresses who she is unapologetically. And she exudes the self-assurance to always – and only ever—be herself.